Scale is the main character and heroine of CameoComic... and actually also the only character!.
She was originally imagined by her creators to become a new Jenny Everywhere, but before they could actually finish her design and start up the comic and thereby her exploits, their pre-comic came under attack by the Evil Overlords United. a group o webcomic aware characters from another comic, bend on conquering all webcomic worlds, and all three of them were.
The attack however, released Scale from her state of design, setting her loose on the world as she were, and using her written-in powers of comic-jumping as well as her quick wit and energy, she started a quest to find her creators, a quest that brought her through lots of webcomics, brought her into contact with lots of characters and in the end served to bring down the reign of the Evil Overlords!

After the Wars Scale took to travelling the webcomics of the internet, travelling her own ways and having the adventures she was still craving.

Scale is Webcomic Aware, meaning she knows the facts that she is a character in a webcomic, visiting other webcomics made by authors, and she has no qualms about the fact, enjoying her status in full and taking advantage of the possibilities it offers.
She has however, also learned that not every other character she meets is webcomic aware, and few can live with the knowledge of them being so, therefore she has learned to keep the knowledge to herself when need be.

Having been "born" before her character was finished, Scale's creators never did get to narrow her abilities down, therefore Scale has several skills, like the ability to speak Danish and read Dwarven Runes that just don't seem to fit her concept... the full extend of these abilities are unknown, probably to her creators too unless theiy get hands of all of their notes...

Young and smart, Scale always have a smile to spare and a carefree attitude… unless the situation starts getting out of hand, in which case she can become a bit sullen, depressed and thoughtful.
She rarely jump recklessly into dangers, usually thinking twice about any situation, though she is still capable of becoming taken over by emotions and jump foolishly into things, especially if lives of friends are at stake.
She is a headstrong young woman, intelligent, quick and strong, even though she usually keeps to her carefree and happy nature. Those who have underestimated her though, quickly learns to think twice about her.

Scale is a young girl in her early twenties, with red-hair that reaches down to the middle of her back, usually tied up in a ponytail. She is usually dressed in a white shirt, jeans (the sign of libra embroidered on her back) and black leather jacket.
On her right hand she is usually wearing a steel bracer roughly covering her lower arm and on her left arm she wears a golden bracelet, looking roughly like a large wristwatch. Around her neck she wears a silver necklace with the sign of libra dangling from it.

Since Scale’s comic is pretty young and her creators never did get to create other characters for it before they were abducted and the Crossover Wars started, Scale has no affiliates within her home-comic, save for the avatars of her creators, Matt, Caitlin and Hogan, which she regards as her parents, as well as guest-artist Aggie, which she regards as her weird but loving aunt. She loves her “family”, her fathers, mother and aunt, though they, like most family, drive her crazy sometimes.

However, during the Wars, Scale visited numerous other comics and gained a lot of allies and friendships along the way, on best and most personal terms she are with the crews of Magical Misfits, Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan and P.S.I. as well as Mindmistress herself and Sal the Witch of Emergency Exit.

Scale's most priced item is without doubt her golden bracelet. With that she is able to control her comic jumping abilities and travel between the worlds of webcomics without erroring. When she is not in contact with it, her jumping is wild and random, rarely bringing her to her chosen destination unless she has something strong to tune in on or great knowledge about her destination. Stolen by the Evil Overlords in the beginning of the Wars, the bracer has been modified to allow contact to the D.R.A.C.O. of the Overlords and open portals for its wearer, but since the destruction of the Overlords and the disappearance of the DRACO, this function apparently no longer works...

Scale's other item, her silver bracer, is actually a highly sophisticated technologic/magi miracle, provided by Wheels of Magical Misfits during the Wars to serve as armour and weapon for her. Nobody except Wheels probably knows what the full extend of the Bracer’s properties since the manual for it takes an Ogre to carry and is written in ancient Dwarven runes... Scale CAN read it, but somehow she never gets around to do it properly... Taking the effect the Bracer usually covers the wearer in a silvery flexible highly resistant armour that can be shaped into various forms, sprouting weapons and useable wings, as well as hooking up with carrying firearms, providing ranged targeting... .

In her apartment in CameoComic, as well as in a storehouse just outside, Scale stores various items and gift she has found and received during the Wars, as well as a host of other items she has added from her exploits later on.

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